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Krista Lakes - Yours Completely pdf book

Krista Lakes – Yours Completely pdf book

Krista Lakes - Yours Completely pdf book

Krista Lakes – Yours Completely pdf book

Yours Completely: A Cinderella Love Story

Author : Krista Lakes 
Publisher : Zirconia Publishing, Inc
Release : December 21, 2015
Genre :  Romance

Book Review

Maids don’t ever get to go to the ball… do they?

Jace Connors:
Stretched thin from running a business and organizing a wedding, the last thing Jace needs is the world’s most eligible bachelorettes trying to sneak their way into his bed. When he meets Ella grooming the inn’s horses, though, she leaves him breathless. Jace knows that he can’t let her get away…

Ella McDaniels:
What starts as an almost-kiss in the barn ends up captivating Ella, even though she knows that the richly dressed Jace is out of her league. However, when he keeps showing up wherever she is, her attraction to him grows. And if she can outwit her wicked stepmother, she just might be able to dance with him at the wedding reception ball. There’s only one problem…

What if Jace is actually the groom?

This novel is the first in Krista Lakes’ new series Billionaires and Brides and, for a limited time, comes with a bonus novel, Sunrise Kisses!


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New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Krista Lakes is a newly turned 30 year old who recently rediscovered her passion for writing. She is living happily ever after with her Prince Charming and her bouncing baby boy in Denver.

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