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Kirsten Osbourne – Wyoming Wedding pdf book

Kirsten Osbourne - Wyoming Wedding pdf book

Kirsten Osbourne – Wyoming Wedding pdf book

Wyoming Wedding (Culpepper Cowboys) (Volume 1)

Author : Kirsten Osbourne
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing  (April 25, 2016)
Genre : litirature fiction

Book Review

Karlan Culpepper has worked his entire adult life, and most of his youth, to build up the ranch he knew he would someday inherit. When his grandfather dies, and the terms of his inheritance include he and his three brothers marrying within six months, and at least one of them having a baby on the way within the year, things get trickier. Contacting Dr. Lachele Simpson, a professional matchmaker, seemed the only way to go! Hope, the oldest of the Quinlan Quadruplets needs nothing more than to get out from under her parents’ roof, and take her sisters with her. She feels stifled, and she wants more than anything to marry. After a long weekend of testing, the four sisters embark on a road trip that would change their lives. Hope quickly agrees to marry Karlan, one of the four brothers waiting for her and her sisters in Wyoming. Will they be able to make their marriage work? Or should they have waited to get to know one another a little better like all their siblings had?

I loved reading Wyoming Wedding (Culpepper Cowboys Book 1), all about four brother’s Karlan the oldest & the major, Cooper is second oldest & the Forman, Kolby is the third oldest and Coop’s right hand man & Chris is the youngest & is a math & science teacher to the home-schooled kids. They have just learned that their grandfather left the Culpepper ranch to the four of them & their cousin Travis but with conditions! All four boys must marry within six months of the reading of the will & one of their wife’s must have a baby in the first year of marriage. Also Travis should get 1/5 of the ranch proceeds if they sell the ranch, or he can get profit-sharing if he chooses to work on the ranch! The boys hired a match-maker and she found four quadruplets to sign a contract that they marry one of the four boys within a month or get 10,000.00 to walk away. The author wrote a very interesting story, and the characters bring said story to life! Read this modern day love story and fall in love with the four boys and their brides! I c an’t wait to read book 2!

Dr. Lachele Simpson is at it again in this new series about the four Culpepper Cowboys who are looking for brides to satisfy granddaddy’s will. Karlan Culpepper is the first to pick his Quinlan Quad, and he picks Hope as his bride. What follows is a humorous, enjoyable read that is guaranteed to keep you smiling, laughing, and giggling as Hope and Karlan face interesting trials during their new marriage! If you enjoy this book, why not check out Kirsten Osbourne’s ‘At the Altar’ series, where Dr. Lachele’s matchmaking skills began. You won’t be disappointed!

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