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Adele Clee - What You Propose pdf book

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Adele Clee – What You Propose pdf book

Adele Clee - What You Propose pdf book

Adele Clee – What You Propose pdf book

What You Propose (Anything for Love) (Volume 2)

Author : Adele Clee
Publisher : Adele Clee (April 12, 2016)
Genre : Health, Fitness & Dieting

Book Review

A woman running from the mistakes of the past … As the infamous madam of one of London’s higher-class brothels, Marie Labelle hides her true character behind a false façade. But when she comes to the aid of Lord Danesfield by killing the notorious Comte de Dampierre, Marie is whisked off to France to take refuge in an old abandoned monastery. She supposed slapping the gentleman who had been so kind as to provide sanctuary was not the best way to thank him. But Marie had sworn never to bow and scrape to any man ever again. Yet when disturbing events lead her to believe her life is in danger, there is only one man she can turn to for help. A man who must decide where his loyalty lies … Rather than return to London and the father he despises, Marcus Danbury, the illegitimate son of an earl, works for the Crown or any member of the nobility willing to pay him. However, providing lodgings for the madam of a brothel was never on his agenda. Not when he wouldn’t see a penny for his trouble. But he owed Lord Danesfield a debt, and Marcus always paid his dues. Yet Lord Danesfield wants something more from him — information only his current guest can provide. Now it seems he has another assignment, in the form a luscious temptress with a secret she swears never to tell.


As a lover of history, Adele stumbled on her first historical romance novel after being lured by a title similar to a Shakespeare play. Consequently, she discovered a passion for the Regency era, for bucks in breeches and illicit midnight liaisons.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, she loves Austen, Hardy, and Bronte, copies of which share space on her bookshelf along with her favourite steamy romance novels.

Adele lives in Shropshire. She spends her time writing, watching period dramas and wandering around stately homes secretly hoping someone will lock her in.

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