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Emilia Kincade Untamed

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Emilia Kincade – Untamed pdf book

Emilia Kincade Untamed

Emilia Kincade – Untamed pdf book

Untamed (A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance)

Author : Emilia Kincade
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 
Release : February 18, 2016
Genre : Romance

Book Review

I never told him about the baby… How did it come to this? Me, pregnant, with his child? Duncan tore through my life like a tornado through a field, and he carried me away with him somewhere amazing. His hot lips seared my skin, his possessive hands owned my body, and his azure eyes stole my soul. He took me, made me scream, made me his, and he never, ever stopped. But it could never last. We were never meant to be. I had to run! It was the only way! I know he’s coming for me. I know he wants his family back. He wants to make me his again.


I like sexy bad boys, suspense, MMA fighting, and gritty settings. Also, coffee, and my cat.

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