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Eleanor Moran - Too Close for Comfort pdf book

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Eleanor Moran – Too Close for Comfort pdf book

Eleanor Moran - Too Close for Comfort pdf book

Eleanor Moran – Too Close for Comfort pdf book

Too Close for Comfort

Author : Eleanor Moran
Publisher : Simon & Schuster Ltd; Paperback Original edition
Release : September 22, 2016
Genre : Literature & Fiction

Book Review

Mia Cosgrove is a high-flying psychotherapist with a thriving practice, but when she receives a desperate phone call from her oldest friend, Lysette, she puts her London life on hold to rush to her side. A friend of Lysette’s, Sarah, has plunged to her death from the top of a multi-storey car park, a text message on her phone next to her, simply saying ‘I’m sorry’ with a single X, left unsent and unaddressed. At first the police are convinced it’s a suicide, but when another death rocks the rural community Mia is asked to help the ramped-up investigation. Why are the close-knit group of mums who surrounded Sarah so reluctant to share what they knew about their beautiful, troubled friend? And how high a price will Mia pay for her determination to unearth the truth and discover what really happened?

About the Author

Eleanor Moran is a highly acclaimed, Bafta-nominated TV producer. She is the author of four previous novels, including the bestselling Mr Almost Right (Penguin) and The Last Time I Saw You (Quercus).


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