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The Rage of Ares by Christian Cameron pdf book

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The Rage of Ares by Christian Cameron pdf book

The Rage of Ares by Christian Cameron pdf book

The Rage of Ares by Christian Cameron pdf book

The Rage of Ares

Author : Christian Cameron
Publisher : Orion (December 20, 2016)
Genre : Literature & Fiction

Book Review

Arimnestos of Plataea was one of the heroes of the Battle of Marathon, in which the heroic Greeks halted the invading Persians in their tracks, and fought in the equally celebrated naval battle at Salamis.

But even these stunning victories only served to buy the Greeks time, as the Persians gathered a new army, returning with overwhelming force to strike the final killing blow.

For the Greeks, divided and outnumbered, there was only one possible strategy: attack. And so, in the blazing summer of 479 BC, Arimnestos took up his spear one final time at the Battle of Plataea.

Editorial Reviews


The battles . . . are described with enormous verve and power. The ruthless intrigue and politicking that dominate his court are also brilliantly evoked. And, as fate and his own insatiable desire for conquest and glory drive Alexander towards death in Babylon at the age of 32, a genuine sense of an extraordinary personality emerges―Sunday Times on God of War

Cameron’s ability to conjure up what Homer called ‘the battle haze’ might make the ancient bard proud―Globe and Mail

A sweeping, deeply moving epic that takes the reader into the heart of a different time and culture―Historical Novels Review

[A] great page-turner―Ancient Warfare

The minutiae of military logistics, the mediations in inter-tribe rivalries, and the casual contemporary scene-setting prove unexpectedly engrossing . . . a sword-slash above the rest of its ilk―Irish Examiner

About the Author

Christian Cameron is a writer and military historian. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, where he served as both an aviator and an intelligence officer. He lives in Toronto where he is currently writing and working on a Masters in Classics.


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