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Weina Dai Randel - The Moon in the Palace pdf book

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Weina Dai Randel – The Moon in the Palace pdf book


Weina Dai Randel – The Moon in the Palace pdf book

The Moon in the Palace

Author : Weina Dai Randel
Publisher : Sourcebooks Landmark
Release : March 1, 2016
Genre :  Literature & Fiction 

Book Review

There is no easy path for a woman aspiring to power
A concubine at the palace learns quickly that there are many ways to capture the Emperor’s attention. Many paint their faces white and style their hair attractively, hoping to lure in the One Above All with their beauty. Some present him with fantastic gifts, such as jade pendants and scrolls of calligraphy, while others rely on their knowledge of seduction to draw his interest. But young Mei knows nothing of these womanly arts, yet she will give the Emperor a gift he can never forget.
Mei’s intelligence and curiosity, the same traits that make her an outcast among the other concubines, impress the Emperor. But just as she is in a position to seduce the most powerful man in China, divided loyalties split the palace in two, culminating in a perilous battle that Mei can only hope to survive.
In the breakthrough first volume in the Empress of Bright Moon duology, Weina Dai Randel paints a vibrant portrait of ancient China―where love, ambition, and loyalty can spell life or death―and the woman who came to rule it all.

Editorial Reviews


“This eloquent first novel follows the life of a young girl during China’s Tang dynasty (618–907). When Mei is five years old, a monk foretells that her destiny is to be both the mother of emperors and an emperor in her own right. Aspiring to have his daughter brought to the palace, Mei’s father educates her in poetry, history, mathematics, calligraphy, and even Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. All seems lost after his sudden death, but fate will not be ignored. Thirteen-year-old Mei is chosen as one of the 15 Selects to serve in the Inner Court. She will need to draw on all she learned from her father to survive the machinations of the imperial court and to earn favor with the emperor. Mei finds herself in danger, both from other women and her involvement with a boy named Pheasant. This is the first book in a duology recounting the life of Empress Wu (624–705), China’s only ruling female emperor. VERDICT This story of a woman who made her own destiny and has been often vilified is a must for historical fiction fans, especially those fascinated by China’s glorious past.” — Library Journal, STARRED Review

“Like fragile yet strong silk threads, Randel’s beautifully composed debut ensnares readers in the dynamic story of the young girl who would become Empress of the Bright Moon. Randel’s novel is an impressive tale of lethal court intrigue that is seductive and alluring. It is a story of one woman’s rise to power, but also of the relationships between the women of the palace. Readers will be transported by the colorful, fairy-tale-like story.”— RT Book Reviews, Top Pick, 4-1/2 stars

“A very successful and transporting novel that beautifully captures the sounds, smells and social mores of 7th-century China.” — Historical Novels Review, Editor’s Choice 

“Lyrical and intriguing.” — Bobbi Dumas, Kirkus Reviews

“The real triumph of The Moon in the Palace is how Randel succeeds in showing court politics exclusively through female eyes, and how every decision and subsequent action, success, and failure are skillfully plotted like a chess match by the palace women… Magical.”Washington Independent Book Review of Books

“I absolutely loved Weina Dai Randel’s The Moon in the Palace, which is a truly immersive experience and a rare and beautiful treasure. All I want now is to read the next novel!”
— Elizabeth Chadwick, New York Times bestselling author of The Summer Queen, The Winter Crown, and The Autumn Throne.

“An astonishing debut! Weina Dai Randel spins a silken web of lethal intrigue, transporting us into the fascinating, seductive world of ancient China, where one rebellious, astute girl embarks on a dangerous quest for power.”
– C.W. Gortner, bestselling author of The Queen’s Vow

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