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Jim Nesbitt – The Last Second Chance: An Ed Earl Burch pdf book


Jim Nesbitt – The Last Second Chance: An Ed Earl Burch pdf book

The Last Second Chance: An Ed Earl Burch

Author : Jim Nesbitt
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : February 27, 2016
Genre :  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Book Review

Ed Earl Burch, a cashiered vice and homicide detective, has his life narrowed down to chasing financial fugitives from the carnage of the oil bust and savings and loan crash that scarred Dallas in the mid-1980s. Throw in the occasional wayward spouse and a ready eye for the next round of bourbon, sipped with a boot resting on the rail of his favorite saloon. He’s an ex-jock gone to seed, a private investigator with bad knees and a battered soul. He’s trying to keep at bay the memories of three ex-wives, the violent mistakes that got him booted off the force, a dead partner and the killer who got snuffed before Burch could track him down. Play it smart and cautious. Keep the lines straight. Don’t take a risk. Don’t give a damn. It’s the creed of the terminal burnout and he’s living it a day at a time, drink by drink. That all changes when Carla Sue Cantrell walks into his life. She’s a short blonde with ice-blue eyes and a taste for muscle cars, crystal meth and the high-wire double-cross. Pointing a Colt 1911 at his head, she tells him his partner’s killer, a narco named Teddy Roy Bonafacio, is still alive. She forces him into a deadly game where Burch is framed for murder and chased by cops and the narco’s hitman, a nasty piece of work named Willie “Badhair” Stonecipher. Burch and Cantrell are on the run through the scrubby Texas Hill Country, home of the sixth largest bat cave in the world, and the high desert of El Paso and northern Mexico. They’re gunning for the same man both want dead – Bonafacio. Known as T-Roy or El Rojo Loco, he’s surrounded himself with powerful allies at a rancho on the Mexican side of the border, including an old bruja and her sons who have a taste for human sacrifice rooted in the way of the ancient Aztecs. Final destination – kill or be killed. Take a waltz across Texas with Ed Earl Burch and Carla Sue Cantrell. It’s one helluva dance.

Editorial Reviews


“Cowboy noir for the cartel era … THE LAST SECOND CHANCE is a gripping read with a cathartic ending, and it takes you places you’ve likely never been.”
– Jeannette Cooperman, author of A CIRCUMSTANCE OF BLOOD”Nesbitt is a natural storyteller with a taste for hard-bitten noir, which he serves up with chicken-fried flair in his debut noir, THE LAST SECOND CHANCE. I’m always on the scout for new writers with a distinctive voice, especially if they can handle a noir tale with a different flair. THE LAST SECOND CHANCE fits my requirements perfectly with a distinctive drawl that elevates it above the pack of wannabes with a noir flavor as tangy as smoky Tex-Mex barbecue. This one has settled high on my list of best newcomers for 2016.”
– Paul Bishop, former LAPD detective, author of LIE CATCHERS

“I love, love, love Ed Earl. I love his name, I love his wry sense of humor, I love how he relates to the world around him. He’s a kind of anti-hero – funny at times, dangerously so. He’s a whiskey drinker, been married and divorced three times and sees the world for what it really is – dark and scary.”
– Linda Strong, IT’S BOOK O’CLOCK reviews

From the Author

I’ve always thought hard-boiled detective novels an art form. At their best, they’re more than who-dun-its or thrillers, they’re vehicles for a writer’s observations about culture, politics, philosophy, music, history and a time or a place. Or life, it’s ownself. When you read James Ellroy, Dashiell Hammett or James Lee Burke, their stories are always about far more than good guys chasing bad guys. That’s the kind of book I wanted to write. When you write, you start with what you know. And I knew a little something about the border, Texas and Mexico from my journalism days. Knew some cops and redneck outlaws, too. And I knew I wanted to write a noirish detective novel. So I started with that and went from there. Out popped Ed Earl Burch, Carla Sue Cantrell and THE LAST SECOND CHANCE.

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