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K.T. Tomb - The Jaguar God pdf book

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K.T. Tomb – The Jaguar God pdf book

K.T. Tomb - The Jaguar God pdf book

K.T. Tomb – The Jaguar God pdf book

The Jaguar God (A Cash Cassidy Adventure Book 5)

Author : K.T. Tomb
Publisher : Quests Unlimited Press
Release : April 15th 2016
Genre : Fantasy, Mystery

Book Review

“Epic and awesome.”
—J.T. Cross, bestselling author of Beneath the Deep

“K.T. Tomb is a wonderful new voice in adventure fiction.”
—Aiden James, bestselling author of Plague of Coins

Fifth novel in a bestselling series featuring adventure author, Cash Cassidy, who has a knack for finding trouble…and finding treasure.

An ivory box.
An ancient mystery.
A relic hunt.

In THE JAGUAR GOD, Cash Cassidy and her son leave behind the dreary rains in Wales to enjoy a sunny winter respite at a cottage in Greece. But Greece isn’t what it used to be since the refugee crisis began.

Then Cash meets Laura, a refugee volunteer from Belgium. Laura is knowledgeable in ancient history and the classics. She also speaks fluent Greek and she’s good with little Paddy.

Cash invites Laura back to the cottage where they discuss the touring exhibit opening in Heraklion, Crete, which includes the Jaguar God, a solid gold statue gifted to Gaius Julius Caesar and his wife, Aurelia Cotta. The statue had originally been presented in an elaborate, carved ivory box with its own mythic legend. But the ivory box disappeared. This sparks a book idea for Cash.

Cash tells her husband that she’s off to research a new book, so Tim takes baby Paddy back to Wales. Cash and Laura hike into Greece’s rugged backcountry to look for a little-known place that may hold clues to the whereabouts of the ornate ivory box.

But Greece is just the beginning of the treasure hunt. Cash’s passport is going to stamped a lot on this adventure. And the closer that Cash gets to solving the mystery, the more dangerous her search becomes. Cash isn’t the only relic hunter—and others will stop at nothing to obtain what she seeks.

Can Cash solve the mystery of the missing relic without getting herself killed?

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