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 The Boy On The Computer
The Boy On The Computer

Parution : 2014

Genre : Literature & Fiction

Langue : Anglais

Format : HQ ePub

Taille : 1 Mb


Michael Preston didn't want to go to school. He would have rather sat in the computer lab reading PDF's and watching videos on the taxpayers dime. You might know Mike. He might be a classmate. The kid who didn't say too much. He might be your friend but you'll never know. All Mike wanted to do was take a girl on a decent date or at least buy a chocolate drink. Neither Dan or Mike wanted you to read this story. We never thought it would go this far... We know you aren't going to attempt this. You simply don't have the guts or knowledge to do so. Thats why we gave you the knowledge to fill in the blanks. but you won't. Mike doubts you'll make it to page 78. Dan knows you'll make it to page 78. I would have killed them both. Ask Anton about Mike, he knows. When we started putting this book together we were only associates but the more we worked together the closer we became. If you're reading this you'll become closer to Mike as well. but just like Dan said, if you mess up it's your fault.This book blurs the line between fiction and reality, we trust you'll know the difference. If you don't I hope you'll have fun working for the man. I'm sure they'll appreciate the extra help. Who are we kidding?... Mike was just the kid who knew too much. He's giving you the power to realize sometimes it's better to know nothing at all.


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