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Victor LaValle - The Ballad of Black Tom pdf book

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Victor LaValle – The Ballad of Black Tom pdf book

Victor LaValle - The Ballad of Black Tom pdf book

Victor LaValle – The Ballad of Black Tom pdf book

The Ballad of Black Tom

Author : Victor LaValle
Publisher :
Release : February 16, 2016
Genre : Literature & Fiction

Book Review

I didn’t just wake up one day understanding how to take care of myself.

People move to New York looking for magic and nothing will convince them it isn’t there.

Charles Thomas Tester hustles to put food on the table, keep the roof over his father’s head, from Harlem to Flushing Meadows to Red Hook. He knows what magic a suit can cast, the invisibility a guitar case can provide, and the curse written on his skin that attracts the eye of wealthy white folks and their cops. But when he delivers an occult tome to a reclusive sorceress in the heart of Queens, Tom opens a door to a deeper realm of magic, and earns the attention of things best left sleeping.

A storm that might swallow the world is building in Brooklyn. Will Black Tom live to see it break?

“LaValle’s novella of sorcery and skullduggery in Jazz Age New York is a magnificent example of what weird fiction can and should do.”
― Laird Barron, author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

“[LaValle] reinvents outmoded literary conventions, particularly the ghettos of genre and ethnicity that long divided serious literature from popular fiction.”
― Praise for The Devil in Silver from Elizabeth Hand, author of Radiant Days

About the Author

Victor LaValle is the author of the short story collection Slapboxing with Jesus, three novels, The Ecstatic, Big Machine, and The Devil in Silver, and an ebook-only novella, Lucretia and the Kroons.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Whiting Writers’ Award, a United States Artists Ford Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship and the key to Southeast Queens.

He was raised in Queens, New York. He now lives in Washington Heights with his wife and son. He teaches at Columbia University.

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