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A.P. Bateman - The Ares Virus pdf book

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A.P. Bateman – The Ares Virus   pdf book


A.P. Bateman – The Ares Virus   pdf book

The Ares Virus

Author : A.P. Bateman
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : March 27, 2015
Genre :  Fitness & Dieting

Book Review

At a US research facility funded by the military and clandestine agencies a super-virus has been created as a first strike military weapon. During its conception the anti-virus has furthered the possibilities of medical research by decades. Such is its potential, treachery has struck from within. If the virus is released, then the anti-virus will be worth billions to the pharmaceutical industry. Isobel Bartlett worked on the project and knows its potential. After the suspicious death of her mentor, and upon hearing part of an audacious plan to make money from the project she flees the facility with the information needed to culture the viruses to seek help from a contact with the FBI. Up against rogue government forces, she is helped by Agent Rob Stone of the Secret Service who has been tasked by the president to investigate a disbanded assassination program after his investigation led him to the bio research facility. The two are hunted mercilessly by an assassin from Washington to the streets of New York. Only when the hunt reaches the wild forests of Vermont can ex-special forces soldier Stone take the fight to the enemy.


A P Bateman has previously worked as a private investigator and trained and worked in close protection with ex-military, police and special forces. He has studied karate most of his life and still enjoys training. Having trained on US SWAT ranges in the past with serving police officers gives him a unique insight into weapons and tactics which adds realism to his writing.

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