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Silvia Vecchini – The 10 Commandments Explainedepub book

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Silvia Vecchini – The 10 Commandments Explainedepub book

The 10 Commandments Explained

Author : Silvia Vecchini
Publisher : Pauline Books & Media
Release : February 1, 2015
Genre : Christian Books & Bibles

Book Review

As children begin to question more about their faith, use The 10 Commandments Explained to help them understand the basic beliefs held by the Catholic Church. This guide examines each commandment and shows children the purpose of the commandments, assisting them as they begin to go beyond the surface, and start to delve more deeply into their faith. Each chapter is based on one of the Ten Commandments and explores its deeper meanings, beyond face value. Quotes and prayers from various saints and theologians give more depth to the discussion. Reflection and a notebook section conclude the chapters and provide ways for children to figure out how they can keep the commandments in their own lives

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