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Stacy Finz – Starting Over epub book

Starting Over

Author : Stacy Finz
Publisher :  Lyrical Shine 
Release : August 18, 2015
Genre : Romance

Book Review

I absolutely love the Nugget Romance series by Stacy Finz, and this is book 4. It can be read as a stand-alone without trouble, but if you have read the previous books, you will get small glimpses into some of the previous characters that you came to know and love.

Nate is the handsome co-owner of the local bed and breakfast in Nugget, who also owns several large hotels in other areas of the state. Having been burned by a wealthy and spoiled woman who he had been set to marry, he is cautious with his relationships and knows that all women of wealth are as much trouble as his ex. Samantha is new to Nugget, having run away from her own wedding, no doubt leaving her fiancé heartbroken at the altar. Samantha works at the B&B that Nate owns. She enjoys what she does and believes she excels at it. Nate dislikes Samantha intensely, knowing intuitively that she is just as bad as his ex, and he doesn’t make Sam’s life easy. Further, he doesn’t give her the credit she deserves for the work she does either, because he knows that she is a short-timer in Nugget and he is just waiting for her to pick up and desert them all when she gets tired of life in their little town.

A lot happens to them and around them, eventually pushing them to realize they like each other. Nate, in particular, is unhappy with this realization because, again, he knows she will leave – and probably sooner rather than later. Yet, she seems to be working her way into his heart, even though he’d prefer to keep her out. As the story unfolds, there is humor, heartache, hope, turmoil, confusion, conflict, and passion all in good measure. My only complaint is that we went back to Nate’s blanket distrust of rich women a few times too many – I understand keeping reasons for character actions and thoughts fresh in the readers mind, but I thought that was overdone. Everything else, however, was filled with wit and charm and I very much enjoyed it.

Previous books in the series were emotional, exceptional stories that gave attention to some serious issues many face in our society. This book is a bit on the lighter side, without the heavier subject matter that the others contained. While it is not my favorite book in the series, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this one. I can easily recommend it to anyone who enjoys some humor with their heat, as well as to anyone who has read any previous Nugget Romance books. Thank you to the author and publisher for an ARC, from which this review is based, in exchange for an honest review.

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