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Sandrine Gasq-Dion - Ryde the Lightning epub free download
Sandrine Gasq-Dion - Ryde the Lightning epub free download

Parution : 2015

Genre :  Science Fiction & Fantasy

Langue : English

Format : HQ EPUB

Taille : 1 Mb


Sandrine Gasq-Dion - Ryde the Lightning epub book

WARNING: This book contains homosexual relations, crude language and violence. It is part of a series and not meant to be read as a standalone
Siberian pack alpha Dane Durov endured a lot in his young life and managed to survive, so he always assumed that he had a special purpose in life. If he’d had to guess, though, ‘bodyguard to the child of an Olympian god’ wouldn’t have been his first guess. Frankly, he still thought it sounded like something out of a romance writer’s imagination. Romance. The mere word reminds Dane that love brings nothing but exploding pain. A man had ripped his heart out and left him hollow, but spending time with Ryder Winters is weakening Dane's defenses. The young demigod is sweet, caring, beautiful — and dangerous. Dane finds himself daring to laugh again — but love?

Ryder Winters is shocked — no, stunned beyond reason — when he finds out that Zeus is his biological father. Zeus. The god of the sky and ruler of all Olympian gods. As a demigod under constant threat, Ryder needs around-the-clock protection. He struggles to deal with his newfound superpowers, but he also battles his growing feelings for his guardian, Dane Durov. A trip to Siberia with Dane intensifies the confusion and adds lust and love to the mix for Ryder as he comes face to face with the past Dane has been trying to forget.

Things spiral out of control as Ryder's powers are unleashed and Dane struggles to come to terms with his growing love for the man he's willing to protect at any cost.

Sandrine Gasq-Dion - Ryde the Lightning epub book

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