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K.A. Merikan - One Step Too Close epub book

K.A. Merikan – One Step Too Close pdf book

K.A. Merikan - One Step Too Close epub book

K.A. Merikan – One Step Too Close pdf book

One Step Too Close

Author : K.A. Merikan
Publisher : Acerbi & Villani ltd. 
Release : November 18, 2015
Genre : Romance

Book Review

‘One Step Too Close’ is a standalone novel.

— One love. One motorcycle club. Two stepbrothers. —

Ryder. Controlling. Ambitious. Protective.

Jed. Self-destructive. Trapped. Lonely.

Their love? Forbidden. Taboo. All-consuming.

For Jed, the Coffin Nails Motorcycle Club is family. With them, he learned how to think, what to enjoy, and how to fight, but there is one thing he knows his friends can’t find about. They would never accept him as gay, and so his life is a constant struggle with desires that fill him with despair. Only there is a much darker secret lurking in Jed’s heart. His feelings for his stepbrother, Ryder, go far beyond brotherly. Trapped with a yearning that can never be fulfilled, Jed spirals out of control and unwillingly puts the love of his life in danger.

Ryder is climbing up the ranks. Recently promoted to sergeant-at-arms, he has it all: drive, respect, and the love of his biker family. When his stepbrother gets into trouble with the law, Ryder decides to take the blame and save him from a long sentence. Deep inside, he knows there is nothing he wouldn’t do for Jed, but through a desperate attempt to suppress his own hidden desires, he might irreversibly break the man he secretly loves.

But finding out what they feel for each other will test their loyalty to the Coffin Nails MC and change their lives forever.


Themes: Outlaw motorcycle club, criminal activity, forbidden love, stepbrothers, blackmail, homophobia, alpha male

Genre: M/M dark romance, suspense, drama

Length: 135, 000 words (standalone novel)

WARNING: Adult content that might be considered taboo. Explicit content, strong language, violence. Reader discretion advised.


  • “Ryder and Jed are beautiful together and their chemistry is off the charts.” – Ele, Gay Book Reviews
  • “The fluff factor?…Exactly zero! Hard-nosed, Gritty, Sexy, and Violent?…One hundred percent. This is the first book I’ve read in this series, and wow, what a ride. Literally balls to the wall right from the beginning.” – The Blogger Girls
  • “I don’t think there is anything K.A Merikan could write that I wouldn’t love (…) What can I say about these beautiful, imperfect Alpha men?  I lived them, I believed in them and I could not get enough of them.” – Jen, Lustful Literature
  • “The Merikans yet again rocked my world, their sex scenes get hotter and better with every book, as do their storylines.” – Three Books Over the Rainbow


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