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One from Without - Jack Fuller pdf book

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One from Without – Jack Fuller pdf book

One from Without - Jack Fuller pdf book

One from Without – Jack Fuller pdf book

One from Without

Author : Jack Fuller
Publisher : Unbridled Books
Release : June 14, 2016
Genre : Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Book Review

A large credit reporting company sees the era of Big Data coming. Its CEO dreams of knowing so much about the people it tracks that it will be able to predict what they will do. With the data, he believes, the company will know people better than they know themselves. Meantime, his chief financial officer has come to the corporate world in order to hide in the numbers on his spreadsheets, trying to escape a dark, ambiguous experience from his past in the CIA. Suddenly a hacker breaks into the company’s consumer database and alters individual files. This threatens not only the company future but its very existence. As senior executives struggle with what to do next, they find out who they really are.

About the Author

Jack Fuller, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago Tribune journalist and former President of Tribune Publishing, has published several critically acclaimed novels, includingAbbeville, as well as books of non-fiction about journalism, most recently What is Happening to News. He has been a legal affairs writer, a war correspondent in Vietnam, a Washington correspondent and a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Debra Moskovits.


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