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Nothing Left: A Jack Cameron - Scott Blade pdf book

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Nothing Left: A Jack Cameron – Scott Blade pdf book

Nothing Left: A Jack Cameron - Scott Blade pdf book

Nothing Left: A Jack Cameron – Scott Blade pdf book

Nothing Left: A Jack Cameron

Author : Scott Blade
Publisher : Black Lion, LLC
Release : May 13th 2016
Genre : Thriller & Suspense

Book Review

Jack Reacher travels alone and so does his son, Jack Cameron.

From #1 Amazon Bestseller, Scott Blade.


Jack Reacher has been to a lot of places. One such place is Hope, Colorado and another is Despair, which is nothing more than a ghost town.

Jack Cameron has been following in his father’s footsteps. Now, he’s made his way to Hope, but instead of finding a warm welcome, he finds two dead, off-duty cops, shot to death in the desert, still in their police car.

In the first trek of road, Cameron has found two dead cops and in the next a beautiful cop named Vaughn, but she pegs him as the killer. Until she recognizes him as the son of her old friend–Jack Reacher.

What seems like a simple case of two dirty cops killed by their criminal partner, soon turns into a race against time to uncover a deadly secret.

Cameron and Vaughn have no one to trust, but each other.

Ten years ago, Jack Reacher had nothing to lose. Now, Jack Cameron has nothing left, but to help Vaughn against a deadly enemy.

This edition includes a special bonus story: Reckoning Road – A Jack Cameron Novella

The only thing that Jack Cameron finds worse than the long day that he has had trying to hitch a ride on a long, lonely stretch of Route 66 between Texas and New Mexico is the car that comes barreling down the road at high speeds and then almost runs him over.

After barely missing Cameron, the car crashes into a tree.

Cameron rescues the driver and calls an ambulance for him. Only the driver is more than what he seems and Cameron is sucked into a mystery that leads him to a small roadside town and a witness protection case that is twenty-years-old.


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