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Alan Furst - Night Soldiers series pdf book

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Alan Furst – Night Soldiers series pdf book

Alan Furst - Night Soldiers series pdf book

Alan Furst – Night Soldiers series pdf book

Night Soldiers series (14 Books)

Author : Alan Furst
Publisher : Random House; 1St Edition edition 
Release : May 31, 2016
Genre : Literature & Fiction

Book Review

Best-selling espionage thrillers about Europe starting in the 1930s and through World War II.

About the Author

Alan Furst, widely recognized as the master of the historical spy novel, is the author of Midnight in Europe, Mission to Paris, and many other bestsellers. Born in New York, he lived for many years in Paris, and now lives on Long Island.
Night Soldiers (Night Soldiers, #1)
Dark Star (Night Soldiers, #2)
The Polish Officer (Night Soldiers, #3)
The World at Night (Night Soldiers, #4)
Red Gold (Night Soldiers, #5)
Kingdom of Shadows (Night Soldiers, #6)
Blood of Victory (Night Soldiers, #7)
Dark Voyage (Night Soldiers, #8)
The Foreign Correspondent (Night Soldiers, #9)
The Spies of Warsaw (Night Soldiers, #10)
Spies of the Balkans (Night Soldiers, #11)
Mission to Paris (Night Soldiers, #12)
Midnight in Europe (Night Soldiers, #13)
A Hero of France (Night Soldiers, #14)


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