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Catherine Anderson - New Leaf pdf book

Catherine Anderson – New Leaf pdf book

Catherine Anderson - New Leaf pdf book

Catherine Anderson – New Leaf pdf book

New Leaf: A Mystic Creek

Author : Catherine Anderson
Publisher : Signet 
Release : January 5, 2016
Genre : Literature & Fiction

Book Review

The New York Times bestselling author of Silver Thaw returns to Mystic Creek for a new novel about a love that inspires the courage to start over…and the strength to reclaim a dream.
When Taffeta Brown was viciously betrayed by her wealthy husband, she lost everything—including custody of their daughter, Sarah. Now that Taffy has moved to Mystic Creek, Oregon, to start over, she unexpectedly meets the one man who might help her get Sarah back.

Barney Sterling, a local lawman, finds himself drawn to the lovely, guarded Taffy, but he’s stunned by her proposition—that they marry immediately to improve her chances of regaining custody of her daughter. Barney takes marriage too seriously to commit himself to a woman he hardly knows. Yet soon his sympathies fall with the desperate Taffy, and pretending to be in love becomes the easiest part of the plan. But they have no idea what they’re up against, or what they’re willing to risk to make a miracle come true in Mystic Creek.


Praise for Silver Thaw

“Master storyteller Anderson has skillfully penned the heart-wrenching story of domestic abuse and its aftermath…Compelling.”—Booklist (Starred Review)

“The stuff romances are made of.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers

“I’d recommend Silver Thaw to contemporary romance readers who like to go deep into a novel that explores many emotions.”—Harlequin Junkies

“I am totally hooked…Thank you Catherine Anderson for this wonderful story.”—The Reading Cafe

“Romance veteran Anderson is a pro at making readers weep.”—Publishers Weekly

“Sweet and inspirational.”—Smitten by Books

From the Author

Catherine Anderson loves dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, and nearly every other critter on earth.  Her most guilty pleasure when she isn’t writing is to chat with her followers on Facebook.  Her fan page is one of the most happening places on the net, with a daily place for you to post and share pics up front and center.  Ever visited a fan page, and all you can do is reply to an author’s chosen feature of the day?  Well, Catherine believes in community, and she wants her readers to not only have fun, but also to become lifelong friends.  And she always, ALWAYS replies, unless something catastrophic occurs.  She doesn’t want her fan page to be all about her and her books!  Heaps of tried and true recipes!  Funny jokes.  Hilarious quotes.  It’s a happening place with fairly frequent contests as well.  Please come and join in at

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