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Cory Lesmeister – Mastering Machine Learning with R epub book

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Cory Lesmeister – Mastering Machine Learning with R epub book

Mastering Machine Learning with R

Author : Cory Lesmeister
Publisher : Packt Publishing – ebooks Account
Release : November 2, 2015
Genre : Computers & Technology

Book Review

Machine learning is a field of Artificial Intelligence to build systems that learn from data. Given the growing prominence of R―a cross-platform, zero-cost statistical programming environment―there has never been a better time to start applying machine learning to your data.

The book starts with introduction to Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining. It takes you through Multivariate Regression in detail. Moving on, you will also address Classification and Regression trees. You will learn a couple of “Unsupervised techniques”. Finally, the book will walk you through text analysis and time series.

The book will deliver practical and real-world solutions to problems and variety of tasks such as complex recommendation systems. By the end of this book, you will gain expertise in performing R machine learning and will be able to build complex ML projects using R and its packages.

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