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Iain Cameron - Hunting for Crows

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Iain Cameron – Hunting for Crows pdf book


Iain Cameron – Hunting for Crows pdf book

Hunting for Crows

Author : Iain Cameron
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : March 15, 2016
Genre :  Mystery, Thriller & Suspense 

Book Review

Someone is killing former members of a rock band

A man drowns in a swollen river, trying to save his dog. In the mid-eighties he was the bass player in the Crazy Crows rock band. When the drummer dies exercising in his home gym, DI Angus Henderson of Surrey and Sussex Police becomes suspicious. Revisiting the events of the past is a trip down Memory Lane for some, but a rake over the coals of a sordid youth for others. With incidents and dates befuddled and confused by years of boozing and drugs, the DI realises he’s in for the long haul. Henderson probes deeper and deeper…until he unearths more than he bargained for. Hunting for Crows is the fourth book in the DI Henderson series. Check out the others: ONE LAST LESSON This the first book in the series. The body of a young woman is discovered on a remote golf course. Clues are few until DI Henderson discovers she is a university student. The plot takes a turn for the worst when he finds out she was a model on a porn web site run by two of her lecturers. DRIVING INTO DARKNESS Vicious car thieves smash into rural houses and steal keys of expensive cars. Their violence is escalating and Sir Mathew Markham, a celebrated local businessman is killed. Henderson investigates but the more he looks, the more he believes the killing could be cover for something else. FEAR THE SILENCE A woman disappears leaving not a trace. Her aggressive husband fall under suspicion and is arrested. Henderson realises he’s made a mistake, when another woman disappears in similar circumstances.

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About the Author

Iain Cameron was born in Glasgow and moved to Brighton in the early eighties. He has worked in the computer, telecommunications and financial services industries, first as an accountant and latterly as a management consultant. He now lives in West Sussex, with his wife, 2 children and a lively Collie dog. ‘One Last Lesson’ is the first novel to feature the laconic and at times ruthless Scottish detective, DI Angus Henderson of Sussex Police who roams the dark streets of Brighton and barns and outhouses of rural Sussex, poking his nose where it’s not wanted. For more information about Iain and his books, to read the blog or sign up for free email alerts and an occasional newsletter, visit: Web site: Email: [email protected] Facebook: Twitter:

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