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Lee Hayton - Pretty Gun (Gun Apocalypse) pdf book

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Lee Hayton – Pretty Gun (Gun Apocalypse) pdf book

Lee Hayton - Pretty Gun (Gun Apocalypse) pdf book

Lee Hayton – Pretty Gun (Gun Apocalypse) pdf book

Gun (Gun Apocalypse)

Author : Lee Hayton
Publisher : Katherine Hayton
Release : January 12, 2017
Genre : Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Book Review

Seven customers shot dead in a coffee shop. Thirty shoppers cut down by an assault rifle at the mall. One hundred and eight pupils killed by high-school students on a rampage.

It’s just reached 10:00 a.m. on a beautiful spring day.

When a neurological virus triggers an epidemic of gun violence, a modern US city fractures into chaos. Annie’s husband shoots at commuters while his son is buckled in a carseat; Frankie and Becca desperately try to hide from a deranged shooter at their school; Robert runs headlong into the midst of a lopsided gun battle; and Blain…? None of them know Blain’s true story.

Thrown together–their families dead or missing–these survivors struggle to escape the newly-dangerous city. Hoping to find a place of safety. Somewhere they can bide their time until the violence subsides, the authorities seize control, and good once again triumphs over evil.

They’re in for a long wait.


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