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Niko Perren - Glass Sky pdf book

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Niko Perren – Glass Sky pdf book

Niko Perren - Glass Sky pdf book

Niko Perren – Glass Sky pdf book

Glass Sky

Author : Niko Perren
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : November 19, 2015
Genre : Science Fiction & Fantasy

Book Review

When the Chief Biospherist to the United Nations is killed in a suspicious accident, Tania Black is unexpectedly thrust into the UN’s top environmental job. But how can she make a difference? The accelerating climate crisis has triggered famines, flooded coastlines, and worsened political instability. The Climate Council is a shambles, its corrupted politicians more concerned with plundering the last scraps of wilderness than protecting earth. And a failed attempt to geoengineer the atmosphere has left 150 million dead in the parched fields of the monsoon belt. Tian Jie, a Chinese nanotechnologist, may have the answer. His unproven invention―if everything goes right―could help create a massive sunshield deep in space. From the war-torn borders of Ethiopia to the moon’s desolate South Pole, Tania and Jie embark on a journey that will touch all life on earth. But what will it cost them? And just how far are they prepared to go?

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