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Allyson James - Dreamwalker -Stormwalker pdf book

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Allyson James – Dreamwalker -Stormwalker pdf book

Allyson James - Dreamwalker -Stormwalker pdf book

Allyson James – Dreamwalker -Stormwalker pdf book

Dreamwalker (Stormwalker) (Volume 5)

Author : Allyson James
Publisher : JA / AG Publishing (January 20, 2016)
Genre : Science Fiction & Fantasy

Book Review

All is quiet at Janet Begay’s Crossroads Hotel, where the paranormal is normal, until Emmett Smith, the most powerful mage in the world, arrives to announce his intent to steal Janet’s smart-mouthed magic mirror.

Janet already has her hands full trying to keep her sister Gabrielle under control as well as plan her upcoming wedding to her dragon-Shifter boyfriend Mick and taking care of the weird creatures that suddenly turn up at Barry’s biker bar.

When Janet is knocked out fighting the creatures, she wakes up seemingly in the past, after she and Mick had first met and traveled across country by motorcycle, alone and free. The dream seems so real that Janet begins to forget it isn’t.

The dreams call her back, each one more powerful than the last, until she can no longer distinguish between past and present—and she’d not the only one affected. Janet and her friends—Mick, Cassandra, Nash, Gabrielle, Coyote, the dragons, and Fremont—must band together to thwart this greatest of magics before it splits them into fragments and leaves the world vulnerable to the most evil of evils.

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Award-winning author Allyson James is a pen name of New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley. Allyson has written more than 85 published novels and novellas in romance, urban fantasy, and mystery under the names Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner. Allyson’s books have been nominated for and won Romance Writers of America’s RITA (given for the best romance novels and novellas of the year), and several RT BookReviews Reviewers Choice awards (including Best Urban Fantasy, Best Shapeshifter Romance, and Career Achievement in Historical Romance), and Prism awards for her paranormal romances and urban fantasy. 
More about Allyson’s books can be found at the website 

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