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Jeffery Self – Drag Teen  pdf book

Jeffery Self - Drag Teen pdf book

Jeffery Self – Drag Teen  pdf book

Drag Teen

Author : Jeffery Self 
Publisher : Push (April 26, 2016)
Genre : Literature & Fiction > Gay & Lesbian

Book Review

A fantastic, fabulous, funny YA debut from Jeffery Self, one of the gay icons of the YouTube generation, that follows one high school student on a drag race to his future.

Editorial Reviews


* “If there is a hint of Cinderella in this charming story, it s Cinderella in a well-realized real-world setting with appropriate ups and downs, joys and sorrows.” — “Booklist, “starred review

About the Author

Jeffery Self is an American actor and writer. Self has appeared in many television shows as a recurring, featured or guest actor, including “Desperate Housewives,” “90210,” and “30 Rock,” and has also starred in his own show, “Jeffery & Cole Casserole.” He is the author of two books for adults and hosts a weekly podcast called “This Is Really Important” on iTunes.Jeffrey Self has written a sweet and funny Cinderella story for teens. In case you are a concerned parent, there is nothing in this YA novel which is inappropriate for its target age of 14 and up.
The narrator, J.T, has a handsome boyfriend named Seth, and a feisty best friend named Heather. J.T. and his compadres live in Clearwater, Florida and are nearing the end of their senior high school year. J.T. is in a serious slump as he knows his well-off boyfriend will be going to college. On the other hand, he will be stuck at home working at his dad’s gas station unless he wins some sort of scholarship.
‘Lo and behold, his friends encourage him to try to win “The Miss Drag Teen” Scholarship being held in New York City over spring vacation. Off the three of them go on a road trip from Florida to New York the likes of which the reader will never have experienced before.
When J.T. arrives at the competition, he has learned a lot about who he is. He has also learned to understand that not everyone is whom they may appear to be. His boyfriend, Seth, for example, has shared some of his past along the way. This is for the better. J.T. also understands a lot more about his devoted friend Heather than he did at the beginning of the book.
Making interesting friends along the way, sharing twists and excitement during the “Miss Drag Teen” show, and learning that there can be more than one kind of happy ending, are things which make Drag Teen special. If you have a teen who feels like an outsider, this book, with its gentle humor and perceptive insights, might become a favorite, possibly even to be read more than once.

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