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Ryan David Jahn - Dark Hours pdf book

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Ryan David Jahn – Dark Hours pdf book

Ryan David Jahn - Dark Hours pdf book

Ryan David Jahn – Dark Hours pdf book

Dark Hours

Author : Ryan David Jahn
Publisher : – 
Release : July 2nd 2015
Genre : Mystery & Thriller

Book Review

I didn’t just wake up one day understanding how to take care of myself. Private Investigator Damien Lamb: a man hardened by life and seeking justice against those who have wronged society. When the vulnerable Abigail walks into his office asking Lamb to retrieve her daughter from the confines of infamous cult, the Children of God, Lamb can’t help but fall for her story. And so begins a breath-taking and dangerous journey as Lamb attempts to rescue Abigail’s daughter, Lily, and bring down the charming yet heinous leader of the cult, Rhett Mosley. But Abigail’s motivations might not be as clear as they first seem and Lamb finds himself in more danger than he could ever have imagined . . .

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