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Abby Greenwood - Dark Hearts pdf book

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Abby Greenwood – Dark Hearts pdf book

Abby Greenwood - Dark Hearts pdf book

Abby Greenwood – Dark Hearts pdf book

Dark Hearts A Paranormal Crime Thriller

Author : Abby Greenwood
Publisher : Kindle Press
Release : April 19th 2016
Genre : Mystery & Thriller

Book Review

LAPD Detective Kate Monroe’s parents are brutally murdered by werewolves, who are now accepted by most as part of mainstream society. She has no choice but to accept them and accept her attitudes toward them are best kept under wraps.

Kate is strong willed and outspoken – two qualities that often put her at odds with her bosses within the LAPD. There is one thing that Kate lives for, it’s her job. Working as a homicide detective is what she loves. It’s who she is. It defines her.

Someone is killing shifters in the city, as the body count continues to rise, Kate and Brennan, her new Shape shifter partner, must find a way to work together as the city tears itself apart out of fear and bigotry – the very same things Kate and Brennan are struggling to overcome.

Will Kate overcome her hatred of shifters?

Will she find who is behind the brutal murder of her parents?

Find out by purchasing “Dark Hearts” the first in the series of paranormal detective crime thrillers by Abby Greenwood.

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