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Cold Blood by Andy McNab pdf book

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Cold Blood by Andy McNab pdf book

Cold Blood by Andy McNab pdf book

Cold Blood by Andy McNab pdf book

Untitled Nick Stone 18 (Nick Stone Thriller)

Author : Andy McNab
Publisher : Bantam Press (November 22, 2016)
Genre :   Thriller & Suspense

Book Review

Accompanying a group of veteran soldiers on an expedition to the North Pole should be a simple job for ex-deniable operative Nick Stone. But when they’re intercepted in their tracks by hulking men with powerful weapons and an enormous ice-breaker ship claiming to be US Navy, Stone immediately understands that not everyone on this trip is who they say they are.

When members of the crew begin to die, it is clear that the murderer must be amongst them. And when the very motivations of the trek are called into question, Stone doesn’t only have multiple murders on his hands, he has an international crisis to deal with too.


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