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Tom Lowe - Cemetery Road (Sean O'Brien) pdf book

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Tom Lowe – Cemetery Road (Sean O’Brien) pdf book

Tom Lowe - Cemetery Road (Sean O'Brien) pdf book

Tom Lowe – Cemetery Road (Sean O’Brien) pdf book

Cemetery Road (Sean O’Brien)

Author : Tom Lowe
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition
Release : December 19, 2015
Genre : Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Book Review

Caroline Harper still thinks of him every day. For more than fifty years, not a day goes by when Caroline doesn’t think of her brother Andy. The last time she saw Andy was when he left home to spend thirty days at Florida’s largest reform school. Caroline’s family was told that Andy ran away in the middle of the night. Fifty years later, Sean O’Brien receives a letter from a dead man. A year earlier the man had hired Sean O’Brien and chartered his boat for a fishing trip. Now the man is reaching from the grave to hire him again. But this time it’s to find a killer. Jackson County—the location of the old reform school, still carries smoldering baggage from the Civil War, and after a half-century, there are those who don’t want a forensics investigation on the property, because to do so will reveal one of the nation’s darkest secrets.

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