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Ben Bequer - Blackjack Dead or Alive pdf book

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Ben Bequer – Blackjack Dead or Alive pdf book

Ben Bequer - Blackjack Dead or Alive pdf book

Ben Bequer – Blackjack Dead or Alive pdf book

Blackjack Dead or Alive (The Blackjack Series) (Volume 3)

Author : Ben Bequer
Publisher : Publishing Platform; 1.2 edition (October 9, 2015)
Genre : Science Fiction & Fantasy

Book Review

Blackjack has managed to save the world and cheat death, but his dark past is always there, waiting for him. Now, faced with his most formidable enemy, Blackjack must find a way to stay alive as everyone, hero and villain alike come looking to kill him

I wanted to like this book more but I just couldn’t, despite my best efforts.

The driving force for Dale’s behavior in book 1 is how financially destitute he is after his home is destroyed by Atmosphero. This desperation is what leads him to being a willing participant with Dr. Retcon. Suddenly, in this book his has approximately ten million dollars squirreled away. Now, this money didn’t come from Dr. Retcon, because that money was specifically handled by his attorney, and this new money was specifically NOT known about by the attorney.

They decide that in this book Blackjack needs to be taught how to fight, again. Apogee starts to talk trash about Lord Mighty, he was frail, he was tired, she’d have taken him out in three seconds. In book two she meets up with Lord Mighty and he breaks one of her hands… in about three seconds. He’s going to break the other one but Blackjack bites off one of his ears. So… yeah.

There are multiple instances where this book just loses continuity and consistency. Throughout the series it seems like changes were made to previous chapters that they then forgot to trickle down through later sections that were already written.

Princess Armada is stated clearly to come from “Rome’s gilded age”, and her spear is blessed by all the “Roman gods”, and later on she’s shouting Greek battle cries. Rome and Greece are not the same place geographically and they were quite separated in age as well.


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