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Lily Gardner - Betting Blind pdf book

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Lily Gardner – Betting Blind pdf book

Lily Gardner - Betting Blind pdf book

Lily Gardner – Betting Blind pdf book

Betting Blind

Author : Lily Gardner
Publisher : Diversion Publishing
Release : March 29, 2016
Genre : Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Book Review

For Lennox Cooper, helping out a friend means gambling with her life.

In the rainy city of Portland, Matilda Bauer has been blackmailing her parole officer, Fulin Chen. Just when Fulin’s ready to come clean, Matilda disappears. Bad news for Fulin, because once Matilda is arrested for breaking parole she’ll show the photos she has on him and end his career. Fulin turns to his longtime friend and poker buddy, Lennox Cooper, P.I., to help him find the beautiful blonde con-woman.

A former cop, Lennox knows how it feels to live and breathe the police life―and to be thrown out of it. She’ll do anything to help her friend avoid a similar fate. But three days later Lennox finds Matilda dead, in what looks like a sex game gone terribly wrong. Fulin Chen is the lead suspect. Lennox’s search for Matilda, however, causes her to begin turning over rocks, finding that her past lies under many of them―not to mention deadly threats. Matilda Bauer had no shortage of enemies, though, and Lennox will have to sift through the many blackmail victims and jilted lovers to find the real killer.


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