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All of a Winter’s Night by Phil Rickman pdf book

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All of a Winter’s Night by Phil Rickman pdf book

All of a Winter’s Night by Phil Rickman pdf book

All of a Winter’s Night by Phil Rickman pdf book

All of a Winter’s Night (Merrily Watkins Mysteries)

Author : Phil Rickman
Publisher : Atlantic Books; Main edition (April 1, 2017)
Genre : Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Book Review

It begins in the fog, with a bleak village funeral. In the early hours of the following morning, Merrily Watkins and her daughter Jane are made aware that Aidan Lloyd, son of a wealthy farmer, will not be resting in peace. A rural tradition is displaying its sinister side as an old feud re-ignites. It’s already a fraught time for Merrily, her future threatened by a bishop committed to restricting her role as deliverance consultant, or diocesan exorcist. Suddenly there are events she can’t talk about as she and Jane find themselves potentially on the wrong side of the law. Meanwhile, DI Frannie Bliss, investigating a shooting, must confront the growth organized crime which is contaminating the countryside. On the Welsh border, the old ways are at war with the modern world. As the days shorten and the fog gives way to ice and snow, Merrily Watkins is drawn into a conflict centered on one of Britain’s most famous medieval churches, its walls laden with ancient symbolism.

Editorial Reviews


“What a captivating character Merrily Watkins turns out to be. . . . Reads like something that Agatha Christie and Jane Haddam might have collaborated on. ” —Booklist on To Dream of the Dead.
“Rickman once again cleverly blends supernatural elements with a conventional whodunit plot. . . . The writing and characterizations are first-rate.” —Publishers Weekly on The Fabric of Sin.
“First rate crime with demons that go bump in the night.” —Daily Mail on the Merrily Watkins series.
“I have a thing for long series with complex characters, moral ambiguity and evocative writing, and Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series is one of the very best.” —Diana Gabaldon.

About the Author

Phil Rickman is the author of the Merrily Watkins series and the John Dee series. The second Merrily Watkins book Midwinter of the Spiritwas made into a three-part TV drama, which Wall Street Journal called “impressively chilling.”

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