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Milly Taiden - All Kitten Aside pdf book

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 Milly Taiden – All Kitten Aside pdf book

Milly Taiden - All Kitten Aside pdf book

 Milly Taiden – All Kitten Aside pdf book

All Kitten Aside

Author :  Milly Taiden
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 16, 2016)
Genre : Romance

Book Review

Miranda Colilla needs a mate. Fast. This curvy lioness wants a man she can bend to her will, who will stay out of her business, and let her lead like the alpha she is. She needs that mate urgently before the lions in her pride think she’s going to hand the reins over to one of them and let them tell her what to do. Not in this lifetime. When a wolf saves her hide, there’s more than just gratitude sparking between them. Kasen Steel’s tired of women throwing themselves at him. As alpha of his pack, he can have any woman he wants. Problem is, he doesn’t want any of them. He wants a chase. He wants someone who isn’t taken in with his position. A chance meeting with a hot as hell lioness makes him want a close encounter of the naked kind with her. Wait, he’s already naked. Kasen knows Andi’s perfect for him. She’s already making him crazy by denying their attraction and the fact she’s his mate. The hunt is on. Unfortunately for him, proving to Andi they’re right for each other is just one of the problems facing this alpha. Keeping her alive, when someone wants her dead, is another. But Kasen isn’t going to sit by and let anyone harm her. Now that he’s found his smart-assy mate, he isn’t letting go. Whether she likes it or not.

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About the Author

Milly Taiden is the author of the Sassy Mates series as well as other paranormal and contemporary romance novels, including Dangerous Protector and Geek Bearing Gifts. She also writes under the name April Angel. Born in the Dominican Republic, Milly now resides with her husband in New York City. Visit her at

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