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Rhys Ford - Absinthe of Malice pdf book

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Rhys Ford – Absinthe of Malice pdf book

Rhys Ford - Absinthe of Malice pdf book

Rhys Ford – Absinthe of Malice pdf book

Absinthe of Malice

Author : Rhys Ford
Publisher : Dreamspinner Press (June 22, 2016)
Genre : Romance > Gay Romance

Book Review

“Sequel to Sloe Ride”

“Sinners Series: Book Five”

“We re getting the band back together.”

Those six words send a chill down Miki St. John s spine, especially when they re spoken with a nearly religious fervor by his brother-in-all-but-blood, Damien Mitchell. However, those words were nothing compared to what Damien says next.

“And we re going on tour.”

When Crossroads Gin hits the road, Damien hopes it will draw them closer together. There s something magical about being on tour, especially when traveling in a van with no roadies, managers, or lovers to act as a buffer. The band is already close, but Damien knows they can be more brothers of sorts, bound not only by familial ties but by their intense love for music.

As they travel from gig to gig, the band is haunted by past mistakes and personal demons, but they forge on. For Miki, Damie, Forest, and Rafe, the stage is where they all truly come alive, and the music they play is as important to them as the air they breathe.

But those demons and troubles won t leave them alone, and with every mile under their belts, the band faces its greatest challenge overcoming their deepest flaws and not killing one another along the way.”

*Reviewed by Alan Katz for Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews*
Rhys Ford has just published the latest in her iconic “Sinners” series, a story of boys in a rock band, boys who grew up together, who were family before they were a band. They survive getting signed, hit records and national tours until a moment of tragedy when the band is destroyed in a fatal car crash. Yes, there were survivors, but they were too damaged to continue making music.

The Estimable Ms. Ford didn’t waste the interim, while the survivors went home to lick their wounds. They form brilliant relationships, more than one of them with the estimable Morgan clan, the sons of Brigid and Donal. Miki hooked up, a while ago, with Kane, his protector, his rock. Damien was locked in an insane asylum by his parents when everyone thought he died in the crash. Damien and Miki are two halves of one musical soul. Damien also found a Morgan, Sionn, to complete him. The Morgan men were all cops with an occasional fireman thrown in for diversity.

There are also two members new to the band. There is Rafe, whose story is breathtaking: a full-blown rock star in his own right, a multi-millionaire many times over, he blew it all on drugs, booze and casual sex partners. Kicked out of the band he founded, he returns home to deal with building a new life and face the Morgans, who pretty much raised him as their own personal orphan. One of the reasons he had left so suddenly, without goodbyes, is that Rafe had fallen in love with the most vulnerable Morgan of all, an underage kid of astonishing brilliance, but a total lack of social skills. Rafe’s affection was returned in spades by Quinn, a dangerous situation in a household of cops. If they didn’t arrest him for child molesting, Quinn’s brothers would have killed him.


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