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Riley Mackenzie - Abruption pdf book

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Riley Mackenzie – Abruption pdf book

Riley Mackenzie - Abruption pdf book

Riley Mackenzie – Abruption pdf book


Author : Riley Mackenzie
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : January 2, 2016
Genre : Romance > Contemporary

Book Review

Everyone has a plan. Dr. Guy Hunter secures his dream fellowship with a beautiful free spirit by his side. Two unexpected blue lines don’t even shake his resolve—he is on his way to having it all. Until he isn’t. Abruption: a sudden breaking off Jules Chiappetti loves her boisterous over-involved Italian family but is determined to pave her own way. An MBA and boardroom job is her ticket out. Until it isn’t. Abruption: an unexpected event Four years later, Guy is consumed by the challenges of being a single father, still struggling with the aftermath that derailed his life and left his son with special needs. He doesn’t realize his world went dark the same day his wife’s did, until Jules, his son’s new nurse, shows him the light.

I am so glad that I gave this book a try. I stumbled upon it sort of by accident and decided to check it out. The synopsis had me intrigued but also a little worried because it was not explained the way your typical romance would be normally. I was not even sure at first if it was in the romace genre or just had a love story of some sort in it. I would say that this is definitely a solid romance but so different than the main stream we are so used to seeing these days (starting with the cover). It was like a breath of fresh air and the writing was wonderful. I pretty much read it in one sitting and when it was over I was almost tempted to read it again. The thing that I loved about this book so much was that it had all the great aspects of a great romance novel but non of the bad. It was not cheap or cliche. The main story line was interwoven into the love story so well and I just fell in love with all of the characters. The love scenes were sexy and passionate and I just fell in love with the way that Guy talked to Jules. This book was almost like peaking into what could be a very real person/families life but not in a boring or mundane way (if that makes sense). The ONLY thing that I was a little bummed about was the ending. I can’t give anything away but I would have liked there to have been more at the big “end scene”. The climax comes and then all of a sudden it is over and we are onto the epilogues (which went on way to long for my liking). Other than that this was a wonderful read and I hope to read more by these authors in the future!

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