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Andy Remic - A Song for No Man's Land pdf book

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Andy Remic – A Song for No Man’s Land pdf book

Andy Remic - A Song for No Man's Land pdf book

Andy Remic – A Song for No Man’s Land pdf book

A Song for No Man’s Land

Author : Andy Remic
Publisher : Tor.com (February 9, 2016)
Genre : Science Fiction & Fantasy

Book Review

He signed up to fight with visions of honour and glory, of fighting for king and country, of making his family proud at long last.

But on a battlefield during the Great War, Robert Jones is shot, and wonders how it all went so very wrong, and how things could possibly get any worse.

He’ll soon find out. When the attacking enemy starts to shapeshift into a nightmarish demonic force, Jones finds himself fighting an impossible war against an enemy that shouldn’t exist.

Andy Remic’s A Song for No Man’s Land is the first in an ongoing series.

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About the Author

Andy Remic has been described as the natural successor to David Gemmell, an accolade he refuses to admit starting himself. He began his writing career writing high-octane science fiction novels, but soon diversified into visceral fantasy with his debut fantasy trilogy, The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles. Remic lives in the north of England.

A Song for No Man’s Land is a brutal and bloody triumph for Andy Remic. The portrayal of Robert Jones (British soldier in World War I) a gripping snapshot of the true horrors of war after all illusions of glory and honor are stripped away, leaving behind only the ghastly reality. And, somehow, while capturing the spirit of Tommies in the trenches, Mr. Remic was also able to imbue this tale with fantastical elements; mysterious beings appearing to our protagonist during the most horrible moments; their connection to him explained in numerous flashbacks. All of these diverse elements meshing together perfectly to tell a most compelling and riveting story.

From page one, Robert Jones is the focus of the narrative; his past life as a womanizer, alcoholic, and dedicated debaucher slipping away as he prepares to ship out to the front lines of the Great War in France. Naturally, though, he is out drowning his fears one last time in his favorite vices. At least, he attempts to before some of his “mistakes” find him, leading to a confrontation he survives only due to the unexpected intervention of one Charlie Bainbridge. This huge, mountain of a man becoming Robert’s steadfast friend thereafter.

Quickly (because this tale moves fast), time flashes forward, and now Robert and Charlie are preparing for the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, where they are anxiously awaiting their turns to “go over the bags” and charge into no man’s land: a scene right out of hell itself with dead and wounded soldiers, cratered and lifeless landscapes, and barbed wired killing fields. The fate of the two comrades in doubt the whole time; no promise being made that either will survive the horrors they are forced to charge out into.

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