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Cora Harrison - A Fatal Inheritance

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Cora Harrison – A Fatal Inheritance pdf book


Cora Harrison – A Fatal Inheritance pdf book

A Fatal Inheritance

Author : Cora Harrison
Publisher :First World Publication edition
Release : March 1, 2016
Genre : Literature & Fiction

Book Review

Mara, Brehon of the Burren, must battle superstitious beliefs and fears as she sets out to solve a brutal murder.

When a woman’s body is discovered, strangled and bound with rope to the stone torso of Fár Breige, the ancient stone god which stands sentinel above the haunted caves and ancient fortifications of the Atlantic cliffs, the locals believe it was the god who killed her.
In life, Clodagh O’Lochlainn had been a disgrace to her clan, tormenting her former priestly lover, jeering at her husband, robbing her relatives: but could she really have been slaughtered by a vengeful god, as the local population believes? Abandoning preparations for the celebration of her fiftieth birthday, Mara, Brehon of the Burren, with the assistance of Fachtnan and her scholars, takes up the task of solving the murder. Ignoring the ancient legends, she concentrates instead on bringing a mortal killer to justice. But it’s only when Fachtnan’s small daughter is lost in the labyrinth of passages among the caves that the horrifying truth begins to emerge.

The body of Clodagh O’Lochlainn is found in the early afternoon tied to the stone god Far Breige with a noose around her neck and the key to her recently attained cottage dangling from her hand. Why is it that no person will admit to seeing this crime committed even though the stone is visible from a fair number of houses? Mara, the Brehon (judge) of the kingdom of Burren investigates the crime along with the students attending her law school. In Ireland in the 16th century the Brehon held the power to investigate and then to assign the required fine to the person found guilty of any crime. But Irish law did not demand imprisonment or death of a person deemed guilty of any crime, even murder.

I absolutely love reading novels in this series because of the historical information covering the legal system of Ireland before the country came under the rule of the English. Children from about eight years of age were placed with a Brehon where they learned all aspects of the Irish legal system and investigated crimes, large or small, under the watchful eye of the judge of the kingdom they represented. In this series Mara is the wife of the king of this specific kingdom but they live apart almost all the time. He is a warrior king, she is a judge and teaches law students. As you read through these novels you learn all kinds of interesting facts about how advanced Irish law was and how well the system worked. You also get to watch her students mature in age and their understanding of the legal system and how to investigate crimes. One of her students is her son, another is her grandson. One is going to make an outstanding lawyer someday, the other still can move in many directions.

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