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A. B. Whelan - 14 Days to Die pdf book

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A. B. Whelan – 14 Days to Die pdf book


A. B. Whelan – 14 Days to Die pdf book

14 Days to Die

Author : A. B. Whelan
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : January 13, 2016
Genre : Literature & Fiction

Book Review

To what extent would you go to avenge your husband’s infidelity?

Stay-at-home mom Sarah Johnson has the perfect family—a handsome, hardworking husband and two healthy and beautiful children. At least, that’s what she’s been telling herself for years. After the tragedies in her youth, Sarah deemed living a lie easier than dwelling on the past and facing her everyday failures. To avoid any kind of confrontation at home she doesn’t read her husband’s emails or spy on him like most jealous wives do. She wouldn’t jeopardize her comfortable but dull life for anything.

But Sarah’s world is about to crumble around her when she receives a phone call from a man with a heavy foreign accent telling her that her perfect husband has put a price on her head. She is offered two weeks to come up with a counteroffer or die. Why would her model husband Mike want her dead? Hasn’t she been the perfect wife? Or has her karma finally caught up with her—making her pay for her former transgressions? The final countdown begins and now Sarah has to race against time to find out what went wrong in her marriage and find a way out of this nightmare.

So the game of life or death begins. Secrets are unveiled. Emotions are unleashed. Actions are taken. Will there be a winner in this dangerous game when no one can escape their twist of fate?

Written in the spirit of The War of the Roses and with the twisted mind of Gone Girl, 14 Days to Die will provide a guilty pleasure for fans of psychological thrillers.

Editorial Reviews


“High praises for 14 Days To Die! This book lives up to everything a psychological thriller lover looks for in a book. When you think you have the ending figured out, you’ll be wrong!!! A must read!!!”–Violet (★★★★★Goodreads Review)

“Wow! This book’s amazing! Being a mother & a wife for 10 years, I can relate to Sarah’s moments…I devoured each page & congratulated myself when I finished it within 3 hours!” –Elsie (★★★★★Goodreads Review)

“This was my first book by A.B. Whelan and it was the Bomb!! Great book with so much twist and turns that I dare you to try and guess the ending!!” –Annie (★★★★★Goodreads Review)

“(this book) is like peeking in the windows of your neighbor’s house … you just can’t turn your eyes away.”–Linda (★★★★ Netgalley Review)

“I have never read a book quite like it but hope Ms. Whelan has more psychological thrillers up her sleeves. I think she has found her niche with this book. I recommend this book highly. I think Gillian Flynn may have to move over to make room for Ms. Whelan.” –Vicky (★★★★★Goodreads Review)

“From lies and betrayals to jealousy and adultery, this book has it all and then some. It made me gasp, made me angry, sad, and even laugh as I rooted for the underdog. The twists and turns came like punches-I just wasn’t prepared for what was coming.”–Jan (★★★★Netgalley Review)

“Not since Gone Girl or Girl on the Train have I been so hooked on a book. I loved it from start to finish!” –BeeGee (★★★★★Goodreads Review)

“(this book) is like peeking in the windows of your neighbor’s house … you just can’t turn your eyes away.”–Linda (★★★★ Netgalley Review)

“Talk about a fantastic plot and premise for a thriller! Not only was this one fast paced, it had exceptional character development…” –Chelsea (★★★★★ Netgalley Review)

“The story builds its drama word by word and the very prologue is so engaging, so genuine and understandable, despite its hilarious picturization, you fall headlong in sympathy for this woman called Sarah.” –Purvi (★★★★ Goodreads Review)

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